About Us

Simply, we craft homemade, all natural body care products. 

Hello from Lisa

I decided to set up Made Bare after retraining as a Chemistry teacher a number of years ago now. During my studies I was horrified when I started paying attention to what was being included in everyday products, especially those we use to clean ourselves!  

This got me thinking, could we create body scrubs with 3 or 4 ingredients, could we clean our hair with shampoo bars that only included the absolutely necessary, and leave out all of the nasties that we don't really need? 

Well, over 6 months or so of trial, error, disasters and fabulous successes; I found that yes, we absolutely can! This is where Made Bare came from and now myself and my husband Shaun are working hard to spread the message of "nothing added that isn't needed". 

Our stance on palm oil

We just wanted to put this square and centre. We hate Palm Oil. We hate where it comes from, we hate what it is doing to habitats around the globe. We have the number of animals and species that are being put at risk due to its overuse. 

We hate palm oil. We don't prescribe to the arguments of "sustainable" palm oil, and have made a conscious decision not to include it in any of our products. 

We only use what we need to

Off the shelf cosmetic products use 10's of different ingredients, chemicals and other nasties that we just don't think are needed. Even a well known vegan friendly, animal testing free high street store includes dozens of chemicals, including some that "increase the definition of bubbles" in products like bath bombs.  

We're taking a stance that if an ingredient isn't needed to give the desired result, we're not putting it in. This isn't to say we're not committed to making luxury products, we absolutely are; just in a better way.

We know we're not perfect

We're not professing to be perfect. While we know we're working hard even from day one to set up our company as ethically as possible, we know there is still work to do. 

We hate that the only cost effective way to package our body scrubs is in plastic, we hate that some of our ingredients have to come from overseas and we hate that some products that we make need to use some things we'd rather not. 

We just wanted to say, we know we can improve, and we're working to get better.