We're still here, and still shipping

We wanted to put out a little note to reassure you, our lovely customers both past, present and future that we are still open for business and still able to ship orders. 

We know these times are unprecedented, and that customers are likely worried about where they choose to shop, below, you'll find some details of the steps we are taking to protect you, our customers. 

  • Products are being made in small batches, of 5 at a time. This is allowing us to thoroughly clean the work surfaces and equipment between each batch.
  • While none of our team has any symptoms of Covid19, we are taking extra precautions, including the wearing of facemasks and gloves while preparing orders. 
  • Orders are being shipped the DAY AFTER they are made, to allow any germs time to die off that may be on packaging (this isn't part of official advice and something we're doing off our own back).

Above all else, we, as a team are just been super careful, and following government advice that we all receive each day.

We know that times are scary, and we'd be lying if we were to say we aren't worried also. What we do believe is however that if we all follow advice, and remember above all else to be kind and considerate to others, we will get through this.

Stay safe, and stay well x